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A complete marketing chain consists of enterprises - middlemen - end customers, in which middlemen play a bridge and link in the marketing process. The enterprise's brand again ring, the product again good, no sales channels or empty, then, the enterprise on the choice of middlemen is particularly important.

There are some big brands in the electric vehicle industry that have been maintaining the leading edge in sales volume. In addition to enterprises and products themselves, a very important part also lies in the development and management of intermediaries. Different enterprises have different standards for the selection of middlemen, but there are also some commonalities. It is not difficult to find in the business philosophy with the managers of major enterprises that they think the product is important, but they need good partners, so they have strict standards for the selection.

In order to quickly open the market, after years of development, the electric car industry more brand has created a strong dealer in some area, this part of the excellent middlemen have good market insight, to the local market and consumer psychology have had in-depth analysis, secondly, the dealer also has the certain financial strength. After years of marketing and operation, a certain amount of old customers will be generated, which is the biggest dividend for middlemen and brand owners. The more old customers like you, the greater the value-added space you can generate.

According to the size of the regional market, the size of middlemen is different, can be a provincial capital city agent, can also be a county and township city agent, in any case, want to brand bigger and stronger, must extend to every corner. As far as the current supply and demand situation of the electric vehicle market is concerned, the demand of the second and third-tier cities and urban and rural areas cannot be underestimated. The demand of the middle class families and rural people is increasing day by day. If the demand goes deep into the cities, it can be popularized to the homes of rural people.

For the management of middlemen, incentive policies are indispensable. For example, in order to motivate the enthusiasm of middlemen, a manufacturer stipulates that a small van given by the enterprise can be obtained as long as the specified sales target of the first quarter is completed. There is also a competition to choose the top 10 regional middlemen of the year to motivate middlemen. In cooperative enterprises should pay attention to the communication with the dealer, listen to their Suggestions and advice to manufacturers, this is a large part of the reality of the feedback from the market, for enterprise to make scientific and rational marketing strategy has a lot of help, but also want to hold good degrees, adhere to certain principles, for some middlemen unreasonable requirements, make no concession, balance is in order to fine water long.

In a word, middlemen as the link between, they are also part of the interests, in the proper protection of middlemen's interests to achieve a win-win model of the enterprise. Any enterprise should pay attention to the brand at the same time, also must pay attention to middlemen, they are the carrier of the enterprise to promote popularity, is the key link in the enterprise marketing chain, reasonable communication and management, to achieve win-win way to achieve cooperation between you.

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